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ABCS aims at conducting surveys and making analyses on business practice in the 17 OHADA Member States with a Business Practice Performance Indicator. Its main statutory missions shall be:

  • To contribute to the emergence of a new pole of economic development in Africa through the observation of States’ economic growth under the impulse of a performing private sector through the improvement of the quality of the environment and business climate;
  • To follow-up and assess the adequacy of substantive law with development objectives and the performance of companies as per OHADA Law’s efficacy, attractiveness and competitiveness goals;
  • To accompany judicial reforms that ensure the adequacy of public policy with measures that support the progressive movement of informal sector agents to a formal economy that is more inclusive, more performant and which is a vector of growth;
  • To develop sensitization and advocacy at the level of public institutions and national as well as community decision-makers on the stakes of appropriation and effective implementation of OHADA by the various economic actors and stakeholders;
  • To build capacity and mentor those entrusted with the implementation of OHADA Law in order to improve the quality of their work in the judicial and non-judicial settings, in a « multi-jural » and multicultural context;
  • To develop tools for information diffusion and « demand-driven » training programmes to fulfill the current needs and face the challenges caused by changes in the constantly evolving global business environment;
  • To ensure access to justice to all and the mutualisation and availability of business legal documents through the Multimedia Centre for Legal Documentation (CREDO);
  • To develop social communication and mass media tools such as a thematic broadcasting house to educate and promote OHADA Law;
  • To organise discussion and concertation foras for OHADA Law implementation agents and build bridges between the various stakeholders and communities in a proactive process of understanding of the new challenges of business practice.